6 Features of Neway Drawstring Bags

6 Features of Neway Drawstring Bags

15 Oct, 2021

With so many options available, finding just the right promotional product for your brand can seem like a challenge. If you want a marketing tool that effectively communicates your message and is built to last, consider Neway drawstring bags; also known as cinch bags. A variety of features of drawstring bags come together to create a promotional product that is sure to make a statement, increase your brand’s awareness and deliver a great ROI.

1. Eco Friendly

Our cinch bags are made from recycled content fabrics. By repurposing these fibers and giving them a new use that means less trash is carted off to landfills. Selecting promotional products that are eco-friendly enables you to promote your company and align with your brand’s established green goals.

2. Multipurpose

Drawstring bags are so very versatile. Cinch bags can be used for school work, gym clothes, as a lunch tote or for just about anything. This wide-ranging use make these bags very useful and handy for all demographics.

3. Travel Friendly

The compact design makes our drawstrings bags ideal for travel. They make great overnight totes and can even be used for carry-on bags. They are big enough to hold the essentials, but still compact enough to not weigh you down. The wearable design also makes it easy to take one of these bags along on the go while freeing your hands for a suitcase or other luggage.

4. Customizable

We have a wide variety of stock bags that come in different materials and colors. You just need to submit your artwork and we can print your branding information directly on the bag. If you want to customize things we can help make this happen. Select the materials, add pockets, a headphone port and more to create a bag that will appeal to your customers. Get creative and design a bag that speaks to your brand and provides a functional use for your customers.

5. Reusable

The reusable nature of our cinch bags make them useful. Load the bags up with items for school, work or whatever items you commonly need and this bag is ready to go at a moments notice. Whenever your customers have a need for a bag your custom drawstring bag will be available.

6. Cost Effective

Competitive pricing puts our custom cinch bags within your budget. We charge our customers wholesale pricing, which is the lowest, minimum price we can charge. By keeping our prices as low as possible you can secure a great deal. The quality of our bags makes the wholesale pricing an even better deal. Our drawstring bags will last for several years, depending on use, meaning these bags will be out there promoting your brand that entire time.


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